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Steps to Solutions, Inc.

Welcome to Steps to Solutions Inc. Here at Steps to Solutions it is our goal to provide a safe, stable, nurturing environment so you have the opportunity to take your recovery to the next level.


We are on this journey together and please try to remember that while on the path of recovery, we are all at different places on that path. We challenge all clients to foster recovery in one another with the hopes that the family bond of Steps to Solutions will inspire us all to do all you can to assist each other whenever and however you can. It is truly the members within the Steps to Solutions Community that separate us from the others and make this a wonderful place to live.


Please take a look around our site as you try to decide if Steps to Solutions is the right recovery home for you! You can see from the photographs on our "View Our Homes" Page that our rooms and apartments are clean, spacious, and able to provide the comforts of home within our recovery community.

All of our homes come equipped with cable, WiFi, most have a computer room and we are fully insured for the safety of all our clients. We work with various court systems as well as our communities at large to be a good neighbor and establish and continue to build lasting relationships.

Steps to Solutions, Inc.